Lippman Staff

Sam Chestnut

Position: Head of School

Matt Russ

Position: Curriculum and Student Affairs Director
Room: 210

John Bennett

Position: Embedded Technology Specialist

Juliana Beck

Position: Reading Intervention Teacher

Linda Brotsky

Position: Outreach and Funding Coordinator
Extension: 402

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Linda Brotsky has been with The Lippman School for more than 30 years. She has served the school in many roles, primarily as lead Kindergarten teacher, admissions director and interim principal. In this current position, Linda is poised to raise awareness of The Lippman School in the Akron community and beyond.

My quote:
Lippman is a school where the teachers know and care about each student. We are a community and a family. Our students get an outstanding education, leave with a strong sense of identity, good values, and compassion for others.

Chinna Parker

Position: Administrative Assistant
Room: Front Office
Extension: 400

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Chinna Parker, The Lippman School Administrative Assistant, is responsible for communicating with students, staff, parents, and community members and responding to their needs, as well as monitoring daily attendance and overseeing student files. Ms. Parker is a former parent in the school; her daughter Dakota graduated in 2021. She brings a wide range of experience and expertise to the Lippman School office. She’s served as an account executive, office manager and is also a licensed Ohio realtor. The thing she loves most about The Lippman School is the feeling of family and dedication of staff for the enrichment of our students.

Tracy Finn

Position: Admissions & Marketing Coordinator
Extension: 404

Hannah Fullerton

Position: Teaching Assistant

Lanae Joyce

Position: Campus Medical Support Associate

Leora Cohen

Position: Science Specialist/Teacher
Room: 211

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Leora Cohen, an alumnus of The Lippman School, is the TK through 8th -grade science teacher. She is also on staff at Hebrew High, the Akron Jewish community's high school administered by the Jewish Community Board of Akron, and she is the staff representative for the Lippman alumni organization. She graduated from Kent State University where she was active on campus with the Woman's Resource Center, facilitating training sessions for students and staff focused on issues including abuse and tolerance. Cohen graduated Magna Cum Laude, with a BA in K through 12th-grade health education.

My quote:
Being an educator at The Lippman School is wonderful. As a past student, I feel a special connection to Lippman and my fond memories of the great teachers I had inspired me to become a teacher myself. One of the great parts of my position is that I get to teach all the different grade levels and I can see how each age connects with science in a different, exciting way. Some of my best memories as a student are from science class and lab, and I'm honored to be carrying on the Lippman legacy.

Lital Azoulay-Pearson

Position: Spanish/Hebrew Teacher

Shelby Detrick

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
Room: 112

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Shelby Detrick, a Lippman School alumnus, has been with the school for 7 years. Before returning to Lippman, Detrick 3 years teaching 1st grade at Hawthorne Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia and served as a substitute teacher in the Beachwood and South Euclid/Lyndhurst school districts in Ohio. Outside the classroom, she has worked as an Applied Behavioral Analysis tutor, using behavioral observation and positive reinforcement to help children with autism. Surloff received her BA from Miami University (Ohio) and her MA in education from the University of Cincinnati.

My quote:
I teach because I have a passion for working with and educating kids. I am proud to be a positive role model for students. I treat each of my students as unique individuals because each of them has something special to bring to the class. I make sure to encourage my students, give them many opportunities to succeed, and point out when they are doing something great. Most importantly, I want each child to know they are special for who they are and they are a vital part of our class and our Lippman family.

Sarah Greenblatt

Position: Hebrew/Judaics Teacher
Room: 212

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Sarah Greenblatt (Morah* Greenblatt) has been teaching at The Lippman School for more than 35 years. She currently teaches K - 8th grade Hebrew and Judaics as well as Hebrew music. She is responsible for curriculum development, school wide holiday celebrations and TGIS (Thank G-d It’s Shabbat!) weekly programming.

My quote:
As a graduate of Jewish Day Schools, grades K through 12, it is important to me to provide my students with the same positive experience with their Jewish education that I received. I want my students to feel Judaism is an important and meaningful part of their lives. I have a strong connection to Israel and I'm thrilled that I get to organize and take students on the 8th -grade trip to Israel. Another one of my passions is theater and I have created and directed school-wide musical plays, incorporating Hebrew and English, for the students to perform each year.

* Morah is Hebrew for "Teacher"

Rochelle Hostler

Position: TK-4 Curriculum Specialist

Pam Kanfer

Position: Educational Therapist
Extension: 408

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In more than 36 years with The Lippman School, Pam Kanfer has held numerous lay and professional positions, including school director, teacher, educational therapist, and board president. She is former treasurer of the Northern Ohio Branch of the International Dyslexia Association, and currently serves on the organization's executive legislative committee working to pass an Ohio dyslexia law that would ensure at-risk students receive proper screening and classroom resources. Kanfer was instrumental in implementing American Sign Language as an official language credit at Revere High School in Richfield, Ohio. She received her BS in elementary education from Miami University (Ohio) and her MS in elementary administration from the University of Akron.

Miri Kogan

Position: Spanish Teacher
Room: 209

Katie Markey

Position: Art Teacher

Natalie Martin

Position: Music Teacher

Efrat Ohayon

Position: Chef
Room: Shaw JCC Kitchen

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Efrat Ohayon first volunteered at The Lippman School kitchen 19 years ago when her oldest daughter enrolled in kindergarten. For the past 3 years, she has been responsible for all food preparation on the Schultz Campus for Jewish Life, including the meals for The Mandel ECE program, Kosher meals on wheels and private events. In addition to working at Lippman, Ohayon caters kosher meals for Akron-area synagogues, the Shaw Jewish Community Center, and private events.

My quote:
I started working at Lippman because I wanted to spend some time with my children, and I stayed because of the warm environment, amazing staff, and wonderful kids. With the small class sizes and the close relationships between the teachers and students, Lippman is a wonderful community that I am happy to be a part of.

Efendi Porcayo

Position: Spanish Teaching Assistant

Jackie Rossero

Position: Transitional Kindergarten Teacher

Raven Shannon

Position: First and Second Grade Teacher

Beth Versteegen

Position: Third and Fourth Grade Teacher

Kristin Wilkof

Position: Middle School Humanities Teacher

Josh Tobias

Position: Assistant Teacher

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