Lippman's Privacy Pledge

Your privacy on the Internet is important to the Lippman team. As part of the operation of the Lippman team, certain pieces of information are gathered about the users registering to gain access to the site. Below are explanations regarding the types of information collected, what is done with such information, and how to correct or change the information.

By registering on the site, you are agreeing to receive targeted marketing via e-mail from the Lippman team and its affiliates and you consent to the Lippman team employing its information collecting techniques in its continuing efforts to better serve you. If you do not wish to receive such marketing e-mails or do not consent to its information collecting techniques, please see the "opt-out" section below. Except as set forth in the "Limits of Confidentiality" Section below, the Lippman team does not use information about its members for any purposes unrelated to the services offered by the Lippman campaign.

Protection of Member Information

The Lippman team undertakes substantial efforts to protect the confidentiality of the identity, preferences and other information it has collected about individual registrants and will not knowingly allow access to this information to anyone outside the Lippman team as described below under the heading Limits of Confidentiality. The Lippman team has made a substantial investment in its server, database, backup and firewall technologies to protect the information assets of the Lippman Network™, including the confidentiality of information collected about the Lippman registrants. These technologies are deployed as part of a sophisticated security architecture and protocol.

You should also do your part in protecting your information. Your user name and password are confidential and we recommend that you not divulge them to anyone. Unfortunately, neither the Lippman Network™ and the Shaw JCC Network nor data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. As a result, while we strive to protect registrant's information, the Lippman team cannot ensure or warrant the security of member information. Thus, any information a registrant transmits to us is done so at the registrant's own risk. Once we receive registrant information, the Lippman team undertakes substantial efforts to protect the confidentiality of this information consistent with this Policy.

What Information is Collected

As part of the Lippman registration process, the prospective member is asked to provide an email address, personal, geographic and demographic information. In addition to the information provided by registrants, the Lippman team may also collect information about registrants from third-party sources. Third-party source information will be used to garner greater insight into the research results published by the Lippman team. Furthermore, the Lippman team monitors incoming and outgoing Website traffic data to help diagnose problems with its servers and to administer its Website. Website traffic is also used to assemble broad demographic information about the registrants in general. The purpose of this data collection is to ensure that the Lippman registrants receive only the most relevant, targeted offers and information.

The Lippman team uses "contact us" forms as a way for users to communicate with the Lippman team. The Lippman team collects the information supplied by the sender of the "contact us" form in order to establish and maintain relationships with registrants and users. The Lippman team also uses e-mail links located on various pages of its Website to allow you to contact the Lippman team with questions or comments you may have. The Lippman team welcomes these e-mail communications and makes efforts to respond to these communications where appropriate. E-mail communications and the ideas sent to the Lippman team in these e-mail communications become the property of the Lippman team. The Lippman team uses these e-mail communications to evaluate and improve its services and Website. The Lippman team also may save these e-mail communications for future reference or use, including but not limited to, use for personalized requests, preference data, website improvements, suggestions, survey development and specialized marketing communications.

In an attempt to customize the Lippman service and provide members with the information they may be most interested in, the Lippman team also conducts internal research on our users' demographics, interests, and behavior based upon information members provide directly to the Lippman team and information that the Lippman team may collect from third party sources and/or through the use of "cookies" (see below). The Lippman team may combine or otherwise overlay some or all of the foregoing information to build profiles about the Lippman registrants, which may be individual, specific or in aggregate form.

As discussed above, the Lippman team may, from time to time, obtain information about its members from third party sources. In addition, the Lippman team may, from time to time, assist third parties in developing, implementing and monitoring advertising campaigns using data owned or supplied by the third party. Please be aware that this Privacy Policy does not cover the conduct or practices of these third party sources. However, the Lippman team will treat information that it receives from third party sources according to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

The Use of Cookies

As an important and necessary part of providing customizable and personalized services to its members, the Lippman team uses cookies to store and sometimes track information about users. A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to a user's browser from a Web server and stored on a user's computer hard drive. Areas of the Lippman Website where users are prompted to login or that are customizable require acceptance of cookies. Cookies are also used to help the Lippman team track the response to messages sent to registrants on behalf of marketers so that the Lippman team can monitor and report campaign results to the marketer and track response history. With respect to cookies, you have a choice. By modifying your browser preferences, you have the choice to accept all cookies, to be notified when a cookie is set, or to reject all cookies. If you choose to reject all cookies, you will be unable to use the Lippman web services that require the use of cookies in order to participate.

Children's Online Privacy Protection

The safety of children is important to us. The Lippman website will not knowingly collect or maintain personally identifiable information from or about anyone under the age of 13 years without parental consent. Accordingly, when registering on the Lippman website, the new member must certify that they are not under the age of 13. The Lippman team relies on the truthfulness of this certification when accepting new members. In the event that the Lippman team receives information that establishes that a member is under the age of 13 years, and the Lippman team has not received parental consent, the Lippman team reserves the right to terminate that registrant's membership. The Lippman team will also delete all information in its databases about that terminated registrant.



Except as set forth under the "Limits of Confidentiality" section below, the Lippman team will not provide personally identifiable information about a Lippman registrant to third parties. Personally identifiable information means the registrant's name, residence address, email address, social security number or other information from which the member's identity may be reasonably ascertained. By making a purchase, requesting additional information, or communicating directly with the company or organization after visiting its Website, the Lippman registrant is choosing to provide the company personally identifiable information in such registrants sole discretion. The Lippman team uses proprietary technologies to preserve the anonymity of registrants while matching the registrant's interests with targeted information sent via email. The Lippman team will under no circumstance knowingly reveal any registrant's identity to marketers.

Limits of Confidentiality

As part of its day-to-day business activities, the Lippman team must disclose certain aggregate level information and certain personally identifiable information about the Lippman registrants to certain third parties. Currently, the Lippman team uses personally identifiable information in the aggregate to build lists for our sponsors and affiliates so that the information given by the Lippman team are relevant to such sponsors and affiliates. Notwithstanding anything set forth to the contrary herein, as our business evolves, we may use personally identifiable information (without further notification to the Lippman registrant) as follows:

  1. Membership Affiliates: When a the Lippman user registers through the Website of a Membership Affiliate, such as the Jewish Community Board of Akron or the Canton Jewish Community Federation, the Lippman team will disclose the Lippman member's registration information to the Member Affiliate. In addition to the foregoing information, the Lippman team may also disclose aggregate level information to the Membership Affiliate about the Lippman registrants who registered through that particular Membership Affiliate's site. Such aggregate information may include, for example, the number of individuals who registered through the Membership Affiliate's site; the turnover rate of the Lippman registrants who have registered through the Membership Affiliate's site; with respect to any particular campaign, the response rates of the Lippman users who registered through the Membership Affiliate's site; and statistics on the interest categories selected by the Lippman users who have registered through the Membership Affiliate's site. Subject to the exceptions discussed below, the Lippman team will not knowingly disclose any personally identifiable information about a Lippman user to a Network Partner unless such personally identifiable information was provided during the registration process through the Membership Affiliate's Website.
  2. Marketers: The Lippman team will disclose aggregate level information about the Lippman registrants to marketers as reasonably necessary to explain the services that the Lippman team can offer, to report on the advertising campaigns that the Lippman team undertakes for any particular marketer, and/or to implement and explain campaign strategies. Subject to the exceptions discussed below, the Lippman team will not knowingly disclose any personally identifiable information about a Lippman registrant to a marketer.

    Due to the existing legal, regulatory and security environment, the Lippman team may be required, under certain circumstances, to disclose aggregate level and/or personally identifiable information about its registrants. The Lippman team will use its best efforts to limit such disclosure to the following: where the Lippman team believes in good faith that it is required to do so in response to a subpoena or other legal process; where it is reasonably required to do so in order to maintain, update or otherwise implement the Lippman data security measures, equipment, technical operations and the like; or where reasonably necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against persons or entities to preserve and/or enforce the Lippman rights.
  3. Sale or Transfer of Business: We may sell or otherwise transfer such information to a successor of Lippman, or any subsidiary or division of Lippman in connection with an asset sale, merger, consolidation, divestiture, stock sale or other corporate transaction, or by way of assignment (whether by operation of law or otherwise) in connection with any such or similar transaction or in connection with the administration of a bankruptcy estate.

    Notwithstanding anything set forth in this Privacy Policy to the contrary, the Company may, and expressly reserves the right to, transfer, sell, convey and otherwise dispose of personally identifiable and aggregate personal information to a successor of the Company or purchaser of assets of the Company in connection with a merger, consolidation or acquisition of the Company or its assets, or a legal proceeding, including, without limitation a Bankruptcy proceeding involving the Company.

Use of Information

The Lippman team uses registrant information to deliver the Lippman services. Thus, registrant information is used by the Lippman team in identifying information that may be of interest to its registrants. A registrant's e-mail address will be used by the Lippman team to contact that registrant about registrant-selected interests. The Lippman team also uses registrant information to monitor, interpret, analyze and report campaign results. The Lippman team does not use registrant information for purposes unrelated to the services offered by the Lippman campaign.

Reviewing or Modifying Registrant Information

The Lippman registrant may choose at any time to review, modify or permanently remove all information stored by the Lippman team about that registrant by accessing their account directly at the Lippman site.

Opting Out of Registration

If the Lippman registrant wishes not to receive targeted marketing e-mail from the Lippman team and wishes not to have their information shared with third parties as set forth in this policy, a Lippman registrant can send an email message to with a subject line of 'Remove from Lippman' to terminate their registration. If a registrant terminates their registration, the past registrant will no longer receive any communications from the Lippman team. The Lippman team will not sell, rent, or otherwise use the information about former registrants.

Policy Changes

The foregoing policy is effective as of September 2005. The Lippman team reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Please check this page periodically for changes. Your continued use of the Lippman services following the posting of changes to these terms will mean you accept these changes. The Lippman team will take reasonable measures to notify you if there is a material change in our privacy practices with respect to use of the information you have provided to the Lippman team. The Lippman team will conspicuously post these changes in our Privacy Policy and on our Website. These postings will occur on the Lippman Website at least 30 days prior to any material change. If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the Lippman practices, or feel that your privacy has been compromised, please contact us at

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