North American First People's Day 2022 Commemoration
North American First People's Day recognized in Summit County
Summit County Council declares first Monday in October as North American First People's Day
North American First People's Day Now Law!
Akron City Council has voted unanimously to recognize the first Monday of each October as North American First People's Day.
First People's Day Resolution
On January 22, 2018, 7th and 8th grade students and Lippman faculty, along with representatives of the Northern Cheyenne Nation and the Seneca Nation, presented a resolution to Akron City Council to recognize "First People's Day"
Two Tribes, One Vision - The West Side Leader
The West Side Leader summarizes the special relationship between the Northern Cheyenne Tribe and The Lippman School in this feature article. Please copy and paste the link in "read more" to view the article.
Portage Path Dedication
The oldest landmark in Summit County gets its own modern mobile app this month as students from The Lippman School, Portage Path CLC and the Northern Cheyenne Nation dedicate a new way to navigate Akron's Portage Path.

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