The primary goal of the Music program is to broaden our children's ability to express themselves through music and enable them to gain a multi-cultural understanding in the process. Children are exposed to various cultures, the meanings of their traditions and rituals through music and dance. Our children develop an aesthetic appreciation of the multi-cultural, global society to which we belong.

The Lippman Music program provides age appropriate opportunities for our children at every grade level. Each child is afforded a cohesive musical experience whereby they can be successful, learn new concepts and gain confidence in themselves.

Our children embrace musical appreciation early and move on to express themselves artistically as they perform as a group in plays, choral and instrumental music ensembles.

The environment within the Music program encourages each child:
  • to explore a variety of cultures & traditions through interpretive music
  • to express themselves by creating music through song and instrument, coordinating rhythm and pitch
  • to collaborate in musical expression by using musical terminology and music reading skills appropriate to their grade level
  • to be able to interpret a musical piece and identify distinguishing characteristics
  • to express their own individuality by performing in various ensembles throughout the school year
  • to recognize a variety of musical styles, expressions and become aware of their own preferences

Kindergarten & Elementary School

Kindergarten & Elementary school children attend music sessions weekly where they are exposed to the elements of pitch, rhythm, tone color, texture, melody, harmony, form, music terminology and basic notation in a dynamic and fun-filled environment. Fifth grade students receive instrumental music instruction twice a week.

Children engage in the Music program which presents the following elements sequentially so that the skills are cumulative. They are prepared, presented, and practiced through folk and classical music that represent various styles and cultures.

Middle School

Middle School children receive instrumental music instruction and move on to participate in full band three days a week.

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