At The Lippman School, we believe in the importance of authentic learning outside of the classroom to develop a deep understanding of the complexities of our world. These experiences help our students to understand the depths of their own resilience, creativity, compassion, and purpose.

When students learn about and understand other cultures and histories, they begin to recognize their own place in the world. Community immersion completes every Lippman student's education. Our unique programs are enjoyable, memorable, enlightening, and most importantly, transformative.

Younger students enjoy local field trips to natural, local and cultural venues in the Akron area.

Intergenerational programming and school-wide multi-cultural celebrations are woven into the fabric of every child's learning experience throughout each year. Doing projects together and learning from each other creates memorable bonds and wonderful memories.

Fifth and sixth graders build upon their knowledge of and skills in history, natural resources and ecosystems during a three-night, four day residential experience in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Seventh and eighth graders are eager to play a role in strengthening the School's relationship with The Northern Cheyenne Nation in Montana. The student trip to Montana offers insight into the importance of language and its relationship to history, heritage, and culture. Sam Chestnut, Head of The Lippman School and Richard Littlebear, President of Chief Dull Knife College, work together to offer a unique experience to students of both communities. Lippman School students learn from their Tribal School peers as well as from tribal leaders the realities of living as a semi-autonomous nation within a nation.

To cap off their academic journey, eighth grade students at The Lippman School have a unique opportunity to spend two weeks engaging in a cross-cultural and deeply personal experience in Israel. Spending significant time in a geographical location quite different from Akron and engaging with people who speak an entirely different language offers a most transformative experience with effects that last a lifetime.

Deriving pleasure and sensing the depth of meaning and cultural richness from these unique programs helps students develop a sense of responsibility to the larger community and moves them toward deeper global engagement and compassionate leadership.


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