Mission Statement:

To create an inclusive, nurturing and vibrant learning environment, anchored in Jewish traditions and values, that provides all students with personalized educational experiences which prepare them to achieve their utmost potential throughout their lives as members of a 21st Century global society.

Vision Statement:

To make our school the first choice K-8 educational institution for all in Greater Akron and a model for multicultural education in small communities throughout the nation.

Belief Statements:

  • We believe in respecting ourselves and people of all faiths.
  • We believe in maintaining a progressive, high quality and innovative education, inclusive of a strong core Jewish curriculum.
  • We believe in positive character development, including confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills.
  • We believe that we can learn from the wisdom of the Jewish sages and the history of the Jewish people (L'dor V'dor).
  • We believe in the universally embraced values of Judaism, including:
    • Respect for and openness to other religious and cultural traditions (Kavod)
    • Transforming the world into a more ethical and humane place (Tikkun Olam)
    • An inquisitive mind and life-long learning (Limud)
    • Caring for others in a personal way (Gemilut Hesed)
    • Sharing with others (Tzedekah)
    • Common human decency (Derekh Eretz)
    • Strong connections to the people, land and state of Israel, and Jews around the world (peoplehood)
    • Strong connections with all communities in Greater Akron (Kehillah)

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