Head of School Corner

Friday, March 01, 2013

Dear Parents,

This week saw the end of our terrific middle school basketball team’s season. We narrowly lost a thrilling and hard fought overtime loss to Canton Country Day. As I watched them offer their greatest “team” effort of the season it reminded me of the value our school places on collaboration and personal improvement. I was particularly moved when I heard our parents shout words of encouragement to our players in three languages: Hebrew, Spanish and English.
Another, “wow” moment for me…
Our school model was built specifically to create cultural competency and global perspective for all of its students. To this end, we re-envisioned our school play to be expressed in the three languages noted above. We anticipated that families from diverse backgrounds, and those who care about diversity, would seek out our school because they would want their children to feel comfortable building their religious and/or cultural identity in this context. Little did we know that this model would create such tremendous interest at such a rapid pace. As a result, our middle school sports program is back and thriving; thus providing an opportunity for our parents, whose native tongues are as diverse as our school model, the context to shout words of encouragement in the three languages we teach from kindergarten through grade eight.
Shabbat Shalom.
I look forward to seeing you all at our tri-lingual play next week!

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