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Our Independent Day School is thriving! The classrooms are full of students reaching academic challenges, building character, forming friendships, growing spiritually, and developing self-confidence and competency among their peers, in their communities, and across cultures.

How have we grown? Enrollment has increased from 63 students two years ago, to 100 students today. In that same amount of time, the number of Jewish students attending the school has increased from 33 to 47. Several families from outside the state and outside the country, who had job opportunities in this region, expressed the importance of our School in their decision to relocate to Akron. Other families who have long lived in Akron and sent their children to other private or public schools in town have recently “discovered” Lippman and found the unique independent school and educational model that they desire for their children. From word-of-mouth referrals shared by our current families to the many featured articles that have highlighted our school, it is not an overstatement to say we have been the “talk of the town!"
What is happening in the school that has created renewed enthusiasm for Lippman? Through the support and hard work of so many, we have been able to maintain a focus on each individual child’s educational journey, hire and retain excellent teachers, and build a successful, dynamic educational model that has drawn both local and national interest. Every day, Jewish and non-Jewish children from our community come together to develop their intellects and individual strengths, while also celebrating diversity and developing mutual understanding and respect. In our Judaic Studies programs students receive a strong Jewish education, and learn to live rich Jewish lives in a multicultural world. In our Global Studies programs, students learn about world cultures, including Jewish values and traditions as they develop their own sense of identity.
We have educational programming and partnerships in our community (e.g. with the Metro Parks and the Akron Public Schools), across the country in Montana, and overseas in Israel. Last spring, our 7th and 8th grade students visited the Northern Cheyenne Indian reservation in Montana. This fall we hosted 20 student and adult tribe members in Akron. In April, 18 middle school students are eligible to go on a life-changing school trip to Israel. Throughout their Lippman School experience, our students are inspired to understand the world in all of its complexity, and with a degree of optimism, respect, and obligation to act as responsible citizens of the world.
Whether you are a prospective family, or an old friend, we welcome your visit to our dynamic school!
Sam Chestnut

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